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Monday, July 11, 2011

Tool #2

That was a lot of information to absorb!  I feel like I have to read everything and go to all the sites and before I know it, time has gotten away from me.  It took me much longer to go through Tool 2 and  I feel like I've barely skimmed the surface.  I visited the sites listed and especially liked Educator's PLN.  I subscribed to their site.  They had great videos, especially the surfer dog!  I think this would be great for teachers to see and think about how it could relate to their perceptions of their students.
I already have a Diigo account and now have created a Google Reader account.  Creating the account was easy but I had a bit of trouble attaching sites.  I called on my tech expert ( who else but my son) and now have several sites attached including Jensen-Learning, the Learning Network, IES  What's New, Read Write Think, and TED Talks.  I now know what an RSS feed is!

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